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From My Walk in Pasture

28 Feb

Yesterday when I took the goats out to pasture to get them to quit fighting, I was smart enough to grab my camera and take with me.  Here’s some of what I saw.  There are four girls that are very close to having their kids.  Blaze is due on March 13th, but Gidget, Cookie and Haley have looser ligaments than Blaze.  I’m really worried that they will kid before they should.  In the even of an early birth, my mom came and helped me get all four of them in the yard.  They are easier for her to find and check while I’m at work that way.  They are easier for me to check at night too.

Top to bottom: Blaze, Gidget, Cookie, and Haley

I also saw what looked like a broken window.  It wasn’t though.  It’s just ice.  There is not a lot of ice left out there, but there was enough shade in this spot to still have some.

ice water collage

Finally (at least for today), I saw Meg eating a bite of the last snow that was left out there.

Megora Saanen

It was a perfect day for walking in pasture.  It felt more like April than February.  Now we’re cooling off a bit to more normal temperatures, but it was beautiful for that day!

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