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Moving Goats Around

27 Feb

I am once again moving goats around.  This time it is to get ready for March kids.  We won’t be waiting much longer before they get here.

Gidget and Blaze

Gidget and Blaze

I’m especially worried about Gidget.  She’s not due for three weeks, but it feels like she’s completely lost her ligaments.  She should wait for at least two weeks before she even thinks about kidding.

Pregnant doe_2199ews

When I took the girls that were still with boys and let them out into the main herd, it caused all kinds of chaos.  You’d never know that they are friends.

head butt collage

Betty Lou butting Wanda

Everyone was fighting and bouncing.

goats playing_2082ews

Moose bouncing in front; Sallie and Casey fighting in back.

The boys were a lot nicer than the girls.  I put Boeris up with Fionn.  It was just a couple of pushes.

Boeris (back) and Fionn

Boeris (back) and Fionn

Then Fionn went back to his lazy day.


The two little bucks were fighting more than the big boys.  You can see the video of their fight HERE.

After fighting and wandering out in pasture, the girls came back up and rested.  I love the details on Bambi’s face.



She is such a pretty girl.  Finally, here’s one of PJ as the photographer’s choice.



I figure I can’t go wrong with that!

Tomorrow I need to finish rearranging goats to prepare for the next little ones.  Hopefully it will still be a couple of weeks, but I figure I better be prepared.

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