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Scavenger Hunt Sunday Tour

13 Feb

This week, Ashley has given us the following items for Scavenger Hunt Sunday: details, discover, pieces, daily scene, and where I stand.

Shall we take a tour of the garage and see what we can discover?


SOOC Garage

When you enter, you’ll notice I have walls!  That’s very exciting.  The room to the right is my milk room.   You can only get to it from the outside or soap room.  The wall in front of the garge is the soap room.  To the left is the buck room.


The buck room is mostly done.  It has the farm’s youngest bucks in it right now (along with their mom, Pistol, and great-aunt Muffin).  This is the daily scene in here–two bucks curled up next to the warmth of the heated bucket.

goat kids_1684ews

Tommy and PJ

There is a garage stall where the Ranger is parked.  My dear nephew brought his truck and we hauled some hay from up north.  That way it’s a lot easier to do chores and I don’t have to carry hay through my soap room.


If we go into the soap room, we still have pieces of construction stuff all over the place.

Soap Room_1693ews

On the north half, there’s the door to the milk room and the other door leads back into the garage.

milk room_1688ews

I love this little detail!  It is the heater.  It works like a charm!


When I stand facing south, you can see the window where there will eventually be an air conditioner (hopefully before it’s hot).

Soap Room_1694ews

The window is where I stand to fit this prompt.  I do think there’s a pretty nice veiw from there.

window reflection_1696ews

window view_1699ews

I hope the next time I share the soap room progress, it will be a celebration of its completion!

If you’d like to join in Friday’s Hunt, there’s still time, and I have the items for this week’s hunt listed in my sidebar.

I’m also sharing with SOOC Sunday.