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A Walk in Pasture

11 Feb

Last weekend our weather was nice.  It was especially beautiful Sunday morning before the winds picked up and the clouds rolled in.  We had glorious sunshine!

Fence Shadow_1369ews

It was perfect for shadows.

Fence Shadow_1371ews

The goats thought it was nice enough to go out to pasture.

Wether goat_1404ews

Luckily, Myson had his sun visors with him.

Goat eye shade_1388ews

I really enjoyed it!


Pasture Sky_1476ews

Maggie thought it was perfect for basking.

Basking Goat_1469ews

Pistol and Kizzy were enjoying some pasture time too.  Don’t worry that Pistol didn’t have her twins.

Goats Garage_1474ews

They were safe in the building (or barn depending how loose you are with your definition) with their great-aunt Muffin.  Pistol appreciates it when Muffin kid sits for her.

Goat Garage_1505ews

Finally, I headed back the way I came.  Only this time I noticed tracks.

Goose on top; coyote and raccoon on bottom

Goose on top; coyote and raccoon on bottom

I went past the tree that cast shadows in the first images.


Then it was into the barnyard.


Home again before the weather changed.  We’ve been cold and snowy since.

I hope you will consider returning tomorrow to join me in Friday’s Hunt.  If you are interested, the prompts for this week are at the top of my sidebar.

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