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Waiting for a Break in the Weather

11 Jan

I am thrilled not to have mud in the barnyard, but I’m also waiting for a day that’s a bit nicer to move some goats again.  Seems like I’m always moving goats.

Annie and Sallie

Annie and Sallie

But do you remember that Annie put herself in with her mom?  and her dad?  I really need to get her out of there.  I’m hoping I can do this on Wednesday or Thursday.



Some people do breed closely related animals.  The theory is that you will get even better animals.  It works.  My cow, Maxine, accidentally got bred to her bull when she came into heat and he busted out of the barn because of the hormones.  I got a beautiful heifer from that pairing.  You can also get offspring that have defects magnified too.

Doe and kid_0006ews

I would prefer not to have Annie bred to her father.  I can almost hear Fionn singing out there, “I’m My Own Grandpaw” by Dwight Latham and Moe Jaffe

I do hope you’ll consider joining me for Friday’s Hunt this week.  The items are in my sidebar at the top.

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