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Missing Break

7 Jan

I’m really missing winter break.  The days are short, and I rush to get everything done before dark.  It’s made more challenging by the weather.  We have been gray and rainy.  That means our packed snow has now turned to slush, but it’s still frozen on the bottom.  It’s rather challenging to maneuver out there, especially wearing snow boots that are a size too big.

book bokeh_9704ews

It’s also made more challenging with the division of goats into different breeding groups.

cup and book_9719ews

Annie refuses to stay where I put her.  The first day she got out, she ended up with the largest group of already bred, wethers, and not getting bred goats.  They picked on her, so I put her back.  Then she put herself into the group where her mom is.  Unfortunately, her dad is in there too, so I really don’t want her in there.  The weather, however, means I can’t sneak a panel off and put her and her mom (who already got bred) with the other goats.

Daisy lamp_9930ews

It’s also a bit crowded on that side.  Heck.  It’s a bit crowded on both sides.  There’s technically enough room, but they are not able to move as freely as they want to, and they are not necessarily in groups with other goats that they like.  That means Kizzy won’t go in to eat hay.  I have to feed her out in the rain.  Joani and Vinnie keep running me over trying to get the hay I’m carrying to other groups because they don’t want to go in the barn with their group.

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I also am contending with Fionn being in the area of the barnyard that I have to carry my buckets of grain from the bulk bin to the birds’ pen.  Now Fionn is a sweet guy, but when he sees me, he assumes I’m going to feed him.  If I happen to have a cat litter bucket (with the lid closed) full of corn, he can tell there’s food in there. That means he’s willing to walk over the top of me to get that food.  Seriously.  I thought I wasn’t going to make it with the two buckets through the slush into the garage without spilling all the grain.  I made it though!

Flower PItcher_9760e2ws

Luckily, every time he came running out because the geese were squawking that they wanted fed, I could hold my hands up and show him that I didn’t have anything.  Then he’d just turn and go back to eating hay in the barn.  Goofy guy.

Daisy Book_9895ews

After finally getting everyone fed (and sneaking my buckets of grain through the barnyard while Fionn was distracted by eating hay in the barn) I had to water the big group of goats.  My hose was drained (and it’s warm enough it wouldn’t have been frozen anyhow), so I hooked it up.  Sadly, it’s about 15 feet too short.  That means I filled my six five-gallon buckets and then carried them over by the panel.  After chasing two goats out of the way, I strategically placed myself so I could put the buckets through without letting a goat in or out.

cup and books_9731e2ws

Success!  I’m looking forward to being able to get the goats back into a more convenient grouping.  Then I just need the weather to cooperate.

Obviously, this is the long explanation as to why you get more still life photography instead of farm photos.

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