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A Pregnant Pistol

4 Jan

The Good.  So I’ve decided I think Pistol is pregnant.  Anyhow she’s awfully round, looks like she’s springing, and feels like she’s making an udder.  I also have not seen her come into heat since she was isolated with her back injury.  I’m not sure it’s good for her to be pregnant, but it is good that she is still walking and acting quite well.  You’d never guess she had a back injury.  I’m going to go with it being good.



The Random.  It does make it a challenge.  I went back to work after winter break today, and we don’t really have another day off until spring break kids.  I can narrow Pistol’s due date down to the last couple of weeks in February.  That’s cold.  That’s a challenge.  I’m glad the buck pen is done and insulated.  I’m pretty sure she and Muffin will get moved into there by mid-February.  Then, I need to get my family convinced to stop and check on her every couple of hours.  Sadly, that leaves me with the all night shift.

DSC_9776 wsize

The Fun.  That would be Fionn’s area.  Pretty sure this means three of the last four years he’s bred someone through the fence.  At least I assume that’s what happened right before her injury because she has not been in with a buck.  That boy.  I really need a fence without holes.



Oh.  While I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant.  I might be wrong, but I don’t think so.  Goats are enough to drive you insane.

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