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Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2015

2 Jan

It’s time for Ashley’s end-of-the year list for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Here are the items.

Me:  I don’t usually do selfies, but this is one of Joe and me from last spring.

me and Joe

me and Joe

I Love You:  I do love my Snickers.  He’s such a sweet guy.

Snickers Doodle McWhiner

Snickers Doodle McWhiner

Still Laughing:  When I did my New Year’s Eve photo shoot, my mom came out and joined me.  We didn’t mean to be mean, but we did this with the deer skull that I found in pasture, and I am still laughing. Sorry.

Santa Deer Skull

Winter Wonderland:  This goes back to the start of 2015, and I used this for January in this year’s calendar.

Geese in snow

Birthday:  I don’t really celebrate birthdays, but I will note that Minnie and Meg are looking at celebrating their twelfth birthdays in a month.  I’m amazed and grateful that they are both still with me and doing well.

Saanen doe_8615ew

Minnie Pearl Saanen

Saanen Doe_7608ew

Megora Saanen

Friends:  Millie became so much more to Sam than a friend.  She was his honorary grandnanny.

Millie and Sam

Millie and Sam

I Was Inspired: Pinterest gave me a lot of inspiration for photography this year.  I should have spent more time on it, but there’s always this year!  This is another new image.

Flower bokeh_9615ew

Spring Fever:  Oh, I can hardly wait for kids again.


Travel or Vacation:  I actually went to Iowa City for work this summer.  That was one crazy week on the farm that I missed.  Instead, I was doing my first ever street photography.


Summer Days:  Summer days have to be flowers and bees and sunshine.


A Day in My Life:  Sadly, this year my daily life included planning for construction, tearing down, dirt work, building and all kinds of stress.

Dirt Scraping_4152w

All Smiles:  There were lots of smiles at the pumpkin patch this fall.

Face Painting_6969ew

Autumn Harvest:  Of course, I’m going with the pumpkin patch for this one.


Family or Home: My two big boys got a new home this year.  Thank goodness.

Buck Shelter_9057ew

Celebrate:  My small town’s celebration was held in July.  I had a float in the parade and enjoyed the fireworks.



Let’s Do It Again:  The pumpkin patch was great fun, and I am excited to do it again this coming fall.

Red Hat_6942ew

I Miss You:  This was a rough year.  I lost Joe, Scarlet, Gabby, and Marley, but the ones that I still just can’t get over are Millie, Jules and Stella.


Millie Ann Saanen



Stella Diana Marie Slobbers

Stella Diana Marie Slobbers

Beautiful:  I do think Llenny looks beautiful out there in pasture.



Dress Up:  We hardly had any dress up days this year, but Yolanda managed to do her newborn shoot as a cowgirl.


Macro:  This is another new image.  It comes from my New Year’s Eve photo shoot.  I love the peacock feathers.  Even the ones without eyes have bright, beautiful colors.


Holidays:  Haley’s doe in an Easter basket.


My Favorite:  It’s no secret.  Millis is my favorite goat of all time.

Millie Ann Saanen

Millie Ann Saanen

Don’t Ever Change: Sam is such a cutie.  I know he’ll finish growing up into a stinky buck, but I wish he would never change.

Sam Goodberry

Sam Goodberry

Just Because–So There:  The dramatic storm clouds really truly reflects what the weather was like in 2015.  Even though I’d much prefer some better weather, it does make for beautiful skies.

Sunset Fence_9977w

Hopes and Dreams:  I am really hoping and dreaming the pumpkin patch goes well and grows.


I have to say, I love this end of the year review.  It’s fun to go back and revisit all the good times and look for an even better coming year.

It’s not too late to join in with my new meme, Friday’s Hunt.  It will be open until tomorrow evening.  If you want, the list for next Friday’s linkup is listed at the top of my sidebar.