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The Love Shack

31 Aug

The little chicken coop that I cleaned all the junk out of so that I could put chickens in it, has been a very useful building.  It’s housed, chickens, ducks, geese, peafowl, cats, dogs, goats, and had the occasional llama or bovine wander in.  It worried me when the cows went in that they would knock it down because it’s been in very bad condition for the sixteen years I’ve lived here.

Love Shack_5894ew

I have so many memories in that little building.  I started calling it The Love Shack when I shut my buck, Goliath, in there with Mabel.  It was the winter of 2006, and I jokingly called it the Love Shack when I put the two of them in there.  It’s been the Love Shack ever since.  It was awfully bittersweet watching the building come down yesterday, but we had to make way for progress.

Love Shack Fire_5991w

There’s a new Love Shack there today (with some finishing still to be done), but it certainly doesn’t have the charm of the original.  It is, however, functional, so I’m happy with it.

Edited:  Just as an aside, if you ever want to make a middle-aged Amish man giggle, mention the Love Shack. 😉