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Never Bored

22 Aug

I cannot even begin to say how busy I am.  Of course, I’m not building the garage, but I’m thrilled to see progress.  I’m still not parking my car in the driveway.  See that pile of rock.  It’s also keeping me from getting a lawn mower into my yard.  Guess that’s one less thing I have to do for now.

Garage w

I went to the farmer’s market last night.  It was a pretty slow night with the end of the Iowa State Fair going on, but it was a beautiful night to just sit outside and enjoy it.

Soaps w

Today has been a whirlwind of candles and tomatoes.  I did another 11 1/2 pints of roasted tomato sauce.  I think I’m going to switch to salsa or juice of just tomatoes for a while now.  I also made some lavender candles.  I’ll have to share those later.

tomatoes w

Of course, I’m still milking four girls, doing chores, putting Ruff back where he belongs, and all those everyday things.  I think I need to reverse the work week and weekend if I’m going to get everything done around here.