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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

2 Aug

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items are: low angle, homemade, light, waiting, and a chore.

A chore:  Every day, I do chores on the farm.  One of those chores is milking twice a day.  My newest milking doe is Dolly; although, she’s not actually new to milking.  The last time I milked her was five years ago, and I only did it a few times because she had a sore on her teat from one of her babies gnawing instead of sucking.  Well, she still has scar tissue from that injury. She has been amazing to milk though!

Dolly Ann Street

Dolly Ann Street

Waiting:  The hay wagon was parked up north waiting its turn to be pulled to the barn for unloading. It makes me chuckle to see it has its own little mini-pasture on top.

hay wagon_4810ew

Light:  I like the rim light that emphasizes Llenny’s long lashes and fuzzy ears.



Homemade:  My garden is producing!  That means a lunch of homemade zucchini patties with a homemade sauce and a homegrown tomato sandwich on my homemade bread left over from the market.


Low angle:  When your subject is up in the rafters, you have to shoot from a low angle.  Not surprisingly, when I went out to the barn the next day, this nest of barn swallows was empty.


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