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No Birds in the Bath

31 Jul

For some reason, I never seem to have birds in my bird bath.  Go figure.



It’s still crazy busy here. My mom and two of my nephews left for Europe, so I’m taking care of my mom’s cats.

Cat in birdbath_4659ew

I have the farmer’s market tonight.

Cat in Birdbath_4658ew

Then I’m going to try to shut in my March babies to take to the sale barn tomorrow.

The Bottle Kids

30 Jul

The bottle kids are doing well.  Fozzy Bear is an old pro at being a bottle kid.  I’ll probably cut him down to one bottle a day soon.  That will encourage him to eat more grass and hay.

Fozzy Bear

Fozzy Bear

I’m not sure how he can eat the way he gets his head upside down.  I gave him a new nipple, and he just keeps turning until his head is upside down.

bottle kid_4639ew

Reddy looks like he’s not sure how Fozzy can eat that way either.  You can see a video HERE (beware the noisy rooster).

bottle kids_4641ew

Reddy finally got his bottle.  He’s doing much better; although he’s still not looking great.



Ruff is doing better too, but there are no pictures of him because he pretends to be scared of me, so I have to catch him.  Then I have to open his mouth for him and put the nipple in.  Then he sucks so fast and hard that he collapses the bottle.

Kicked Out

29 Jul

I had to kick my yard goats out of the yard.  When I went out to check my garden this morning, my peppers had been eaten.  The plants were pretty leafless.  On a good note, the goats didn’t eat the actual peppers, and I was able to chop and freeze about a gallon of bell peppers.

pepper collage


The only reason I hadn’t already returned the goats to the north part was the lack of shelter.  Well, my son and nephew helped me put a Quonset hut in the north paddock, so it creates more shelter up there.

Hilda, Sam, and Hazel

Hilda, Sam, and Hazel

Sam is amazingly healthy considering how sick he was when I got home from Iowa City.  When I moved him, I checked his eyelids, and they are bright red!  Hilda seems to be doing well, and as long as she doesn’t pig out on corn again, she shouldn’t have diarrhea anymore.  Hopefully Hazel has grown enough that she can’t get out anymore.

Saanen buckling_4629ew

Fozzy Bear and Sugar were happy to be reunited.  I’ll just keep an eye on Yolanda to make sure her brother being back with them doesn’t cause her not to get enough to eat.

Sugar and Fozzy Bear

Sugar and Fozzy Bear

Then there’s Millie.  I left her in the yard.  I could never kick her out.

Saanen doe_4623ew

I love my old lady, and I’ll let her decide if she wants to stay in the yard by herself (although she has company in the same building and across the fence, so she isn’t alone) or if she wants to go back up north.

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday for the letter K.  K is for kicked out!