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A Discovery in Pasture

19 May

When my mom and I were walking in pasture Saturday evening, I heard something.  I thought it was a catbird.  Then I paused because it sounded way too much like a cat to be a catbird.  Then I saw this.

black and white cat

I started to yell at it to go home, but it wasn’t from the neighbors.  This lovely little lady most likely accidentally took a ride and fell from under the vehicle.  She has a few scrapes, but otherwise seems fine.


She is obviously a cushions and cream housecat.  I have seriously rejected any suggestion of me getting another cat.  Snickers reallly doesn’t need that.  He’s not thrilled with her, but he’s tolerating her presence.  After only two days, that’s pretty good.  If I can’t find her owners, she’ll get to stay here.