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Checking on Maxine

8 May

I usually take a walk in the pasture each evening which gives me an opportunity to check my Maxine.  For some reason, when I took my walk yesterday, there were vultures hanging around, three of them.  I was surprised to see I’d gotten not only the vulture and the moon, but also a jet flying by.

vulture, moon and jet

It looks like Maxine is starting to make an udder.  She is due to have her calf in just about a month.

cows and calf

This should be another black one.  It will be a full brother or sister to Norma Jean.

cows and calf

I can’t wait to meet our newest bovine addition to the family!

I had this post ready to go today before I got up and found MJ had gone down in the night.  It seems somehow appropriate that my post today was to be about a new calf.  The circle of life and all, you know.

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8 May

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big old steer

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