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The Good. The Random. The Fun.

14 Apr

The Good.  We got our rain!

rain on window

We got nearly four inches of rain from Saturday evening to Monday morning.  I could hear the ground breathing a sigh of relief.

rain puddle

The goats were not as happy with the long rain event, but they will truly enjoy all the green grass we have now.

animals in shelter from rain

I suppose I should mention that our temperatures went from 82*F (27.8* C) on Saturday evening just before the storms arrived to a frigid 27*F (-2.8* C) this morning.  That means the last of our precipitation came in the form of…snow.

April Snow

The Random.  When my son moved in, he knocked a piece off the arrowhead plant.  I stuck it in my blue ball quart jar.

plant in quart jar

Now it’s rooted and ready to be planted.

plant in quart jar

The Fun.  About the most fun Bob could find with our rainy weekend was a nap under the coffee table.

orange cat

I must say, that does sound like a good idea!

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