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Starting the Great Spring Move

5 Apr

Last night, I set the wheels in motion for moving all the animals around for spring.  I went out to the Back Forty to my mustard and ketchup gates.

gates between fields

I opened the shiny ketchup gate and called to my bovine babes.

red cattle gate

They began their favorite sport of taunting the human.  They came just to the fence line, but they wouldn’t come in.  That’s okay.  I let them stay in my soon-to-be cornfield for the night.

cows and calf by gate

In the morning, it was time to get serious.

cow looking over fence

If you want to move a cow, there’s a pretty sure way to get them to go wherever you want…

field corn


cow's face

They love it. (Macro)

cow eating corn collage

I got them to come through, and I have them shut on the Back Forty now.

cow in pasture

It was perfect weather for the two girls to show Norma Jean’s baby bull his new home.

bull calf

Of course, Maxine had to come holler and see if MJ was going to be joining them out there.

cow by fence

She was very disappointed he wouldn’t be joining them, but it’s for his own good.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how happy the goats were to be in the Back Forty.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts in bold.  Please excuse my very liberal interpretation of wheels.  I’m also sharing with Weekly Top Shot,  I Heart Macro, and SOOC Sunday (all but the 8th shot, Norma Jean).