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Friday Again

4 Apr

I’ve had just a bit of time to play with my new camera.  It’s got all kinds of wonderful settings that I’m barely starting to learn about.  I will hopefully be able to find some human subjects to model for me to practice on.

Leo and friend

Leo and friend


I have figured out that my little Special Ed is blind.  Yep.  We’ll figure out a way through this.  He’s going to have a short hard life, but I’ll do what I can to make it the best it can be.  Fez’s leg is healing nicely though.  He’s doing a lot more walking on it, and it gets stronger all the time.



We’ve had cold and rainy weather, which makes us miserable.  I really want warmer weather and the goats to be able to go out to pasture.  They do so much better at feeding their babies when the pasture is green.  I have a couple of triplets I’m giving supplemental bottles right now.  Hopefully, that will end when they are out in pasture.

old flower, wine glass, and necklace

I think I might be going through a mid-life crisis.  I’ve realized the dreams I have for my farm cannot become a reality.  My arthritic toe prevents me from doing a lot of what I want.  My help for doing a lot of things has fallen through.  That leaves me wondering which way I’m going for the rest of my life.

arthritic toe

We’ve gotten horribly behind with our wines. My nephew is busy with law school and we have several varieties that need bottled.  I still need to get the wine rack my dad made moved out here too.  Maybe I can add that to this weekend’s plans.

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