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Thanksgiving Pumpkin

30 Nov

Most people grow pumpkins and then enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns or making delicious pies.  Around here, we do things a little differently.  We grate our pumpkin and add water, sugar, and yeast (and a couple other things).

making pumpkin wine

We started some pumpkin wine.  If we chose our pumpkins well, we’ll call it Madelyn’s Delight.

pumpkin wine

It will clear perfectly white and be a good dry table wine.

mum in wine glass

mum in wine glass

All those insides can’t go to waste.

pumpkin insides

I took them to the birds.

chickens eating pumpkin

There might have been some left-over celery too.

duck eating celery

peacock eating celery

I also had some pumpkins that we didn’t need to use, so I decided to treat the goats.  I started with showing it to little Moose.



He didn’t get it, but when the big goats started checking it out, he finally got interested.

Maisie, Moose, Bud & Harley

Maisie, Moose, Bud & Harley

How many goats can eat from one pumpkin?

Minnie, Bud, and Harley

Minnie, Bud, and Harley

It looks like I needed to harvest some more.

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