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Beautiful Bovine Babes

27 Nov

Do you see who’s in my field?


Maxine and Norma Jean are home!

Maxine and Norma Jean

Maxine and Norma Jean

Obviously, Maxine just had her calf weaned.  Firecracker Joe will not be returning to Eden Hills.  He’ll finish growing and then be sold.

red cow

I can’t believe how big Norma Jean has gotten.  She’s still a heifer, but she’ll have her first calf in March.

black heifer

Since they were back, I got my best bribery tool and decided to take MJ around to be with them.

Indian Corn

Well, he came on a slow gimpy walk when he saw my corn.


After enjoying it, he really looked at me like I was mean when he saw he was going to have to walk for another ear.


After that, I couldn’t get him to move.  For now, he’s still with his buddy the llama and the goats.

Steer and Llama

We’ll see if he moves once he figures out the girls are up north.  If not, we’ll make it work with him down here.

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