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Manual Laboring

25 Nov

It’s that time of year when my beloved Nikon D3100 goes on vacation to be cleaned.  It’s just a necessity when I take it out to the barn, and I have to say, the bean harvest is the hardest on it.  Anyhow, I dug out my trusty old Nikon D40 and decided to get reacquainted since it was too cold to do anything outside.

dried flowers in wine glass

Well, I like the old flowers, but I also picked up some new flowers.  I started playing with some of the settings on the camera.  I’ve decided I need to be able to use the manual settings, something I’ve never done.  I started by playing with aperture (depth of field).

fall flowers

fall flowers

fall flowers

By Sunday morning, I switched to full manual settings.  I’m learning.

fall flowers

fall flowers

carnation in window

red rose

I still have a very, very long ways to go, but I’m glad to say I’m finally taking the plunge to try some of those other settings on my camera.

All the photos are SOOC, except the border added to the first one, but it’s also before I tried manual settings other than the manual focus.

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