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A Cold Snap

23 Nov

The items for today’s scavenger hunt:  horizon, sharp, leather, blue, and diagonal lines.



We’re experiencing an early cold snap.  It was about 9*F when I went out to milk goats this morning.  I’m sure the clear blue skies helped contribute to our temperatures.

goat and moon


Everything is cold and frosty.

frost and cockle burrs


The little bit of snow we got is sticking around.

snowy pasture


snowy pasture

horizon, diagonal

The goats were not happy at all, but MJ seems to take it in stride in his nice leather coat.

goats and steer in pasture


I was still struggling with frozen water.  I put a new heater in the cattle tank, and it’s fixed.

cattle tank

blue, diagonal lines, weekend reflections

It took a bit more to figure out why the two bucks’ water was still freezing.  I finally found the culprit, a faulty adapter.  Luckily, it is working now too.

Now, if I only had a nice warm place to milk the girls…

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