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On Guard

21 Nov

The other day, I thought it was odd that Djali, the llama, didn’t show up for grain with the goats.  I decided I’d better go see where he was at.  After all, he’s not exactly a young thing anymore.  By my calculations, he has to be around twelve-years-old.  I went out to pasture and found him on guard duty.

llama by fence


He is impressive walking the fence to make sure those dangerous predators can’t get into his pasture!

llama on duty

What was he protecting the farm from?

cow on corn stubble

The neighbors turned their cattle out onto the cornfield since they finished harvesting it.

Hereford Cow

Doesn’t she look vicious?  That’s my llama!


Trust me, or you can ask MJ.  This llama will not hesitate to spit on a cow.

llama on guard duty

He’s prepared to stay out here all night if he has to.  Silly llama.

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