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Scavenger Hunt Sunday: The Feline Edition

16 Nov

This week was very challenging to create a cohesive post around the scavenger hunt items, but I did it!  The items:  pattern, sunglasses, round, looking in, and crunchy.

Today was one of those strange kind of days when it altered between sun and rain.  You never knew whether you would need an umbrella or sunglasses.

cat and sunglasses

Snickers spent most of the day sitting in the window.


He was watching the birds.  They might just be sparrows, but they have a lovely pattern.


I also like the pattern of the wood.



Then I noticed someone was looking in.


Snickers was looking out.


Someone has very round eyes.


He doesn’t look too happy.


He was eating crunchy dog food.


Then he noticed Snickers and didn’t look too happy.

cat hissing

This one is really annoying me.  He doesn’t listen when I tell him he doesn’t live here, and he’s quit running when I yell for him to go home.

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