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Time for the Scavenger Hunt

10 Nov

Ashley’s list this week was: Table, I Collect, Music, Yes!, and Someone I Miss.

I Collect goats.  Really, I seem to collect goats.  I guess I could do worse.

goats in pasture

Goat Collection collage

Jelly & Dolly; Joe

I’m afraid the latest addition to my collection is Moose.  Like I need another wether.

wether in pasture


Music:  Around here, the musician is Millie.

Saanen doe in pasture


She might not look like a world famous musical goat, but she’s been playing her horns for many years now.  It’s not very impressive in the still photos.

MILLIE collage

If you really want to hear her music, you can check out the video here or here.

Table:  We have a picnic table in the barnyard.  Victoria is enjoying the maple leaves I served.

goat on picnic table


Sometimes, there’s a battle over who gets to be on the table.

goats on picnic table

goats on picnic table

Myson and Victoria

It’s a lot of fun!

Yes!  I have no idea what this means, so, yes, you’re getting more goats.

Reva, Mary, Joani

Reva, Mary, Joani

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m using some of my former animal family members for Someone I Miss.  Of course, I’m also using my collages for song-ography.  This week’s song is All Kinds of Kinds by Miranda Lambert.  My family is made up of all kinds of kinds.

Mushu, O'Malley, Goliath, Maddie, and Magic

Mushu, O’Malley, Goliath, Maddie, and Magic

Cutie, White Peacock, Crysta

Cutie, White Peacock, Crysta

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