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Spring Break Babies

29 Oct

It’s been a busy week in the barnyard.  This is the week I mix the boys and girls to get spring break kids. It started with Bambi having an overnight date with Boeris.


She was happy to come back out.

Now he has five more girls in there with him.  We’ll have to discuss Osmo (the black wether) in another post.

Pam, Coffee, Sugar, Joe, Boeris, Litha, (Osmo in front)

Pam and Coffee were obviously acting like they were in heat, so I put them in with him in the morning.

Boeris, Pam and Coffee

In the afternoon, Litha was begging for his attention, so I let them in to dance the rhumba.

Boeris and Litha

Then I added Joe and Sugar who should come into heat within the next day or two.  Ferdie is a might unhappy little buck because this means he was weaned.


Poor Boy.  This evening, I saw that Pebbles is coming into heat.  I actually opened the gate for her, and she went in with Boeris too.  It took about thirty seconds for him to breed her.

On the other side of the barnyard, I left Marley where he was at.  He’s a big boy weighing in at 200 pounds.

Marley Osboer

I wanted to keep a sturdy gate between him and everyone else because he hasn’t figured out yet that he no longer has testicles.  Yep, I had Marley wethered so he couldn’t pass on the fatal genetic defect that we’ve acquired in the herd.

I hope this year will give me a better idea whether or not Fionn is a carrier for the defect.

Fionn Osboer

I put him in the Love Shack, and so far I’ve put two girls with him.

Blaze should come into heat in the next day or so, and I put Vinnie in there because she was chasing Muffin like crazy.  We have way too many hormones floating around.  I hope things will settle down once some of the girls get bred.

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