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Just to Put a Smile On Your Face

22 Oct

I spent quite a bit of time over the weekend photographing the goats.  Problem is, the theme at You Capture today is smile.  While I think the goats smile a lot, I’m not sure everyone would.  I bet I can make you smile though.

Cinnamon donned last year’s butterfly costume.  I must say, it’s getting a bit tight around the middle.  Even if she isn’t full-fledged smiling, I think she looks quite happy.


Don’t let the halo and angelic look fool you.  Haley is no angel!


She turned into a monster demanding all the attention while we were playing.


Cookie is positively bewitching in her hat!


I think Casey is just the cutest little stinker there is!  I’d say that even if he weren’t wearing a dinosaur costume.


Mary already has cute little devil horns, but I like the added pair too.  Hey, is that a smile on her face?


Don’t worry.  They goats were quite adequately compensated for the costuming.  Haley loved the carrots and tried getting everybody’s treat!

Cookie thought the Indian corn was mighty tasty.  Casey was too stuck up to come taste it.  He didn’t mind the costume, but he didn’t want me to touch him.

Cinnamon enjoyed her treat of peanuts.

I thought maybe Joe had a good smile, but it looks more like a wild eyed peanut-crazed determination to eat them all than a smile.


I did almost lose my thumb to her enthusiastic desire to get the peanuts.

I do hope I at least made you smile since I’m completely cheating on this topic.

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