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Getting MJ Ready to Move

21 Oct

Now that the corn has been harvested (and Maxine will be home soon), I need to get MJ ready to move into the cornfield.

There’s quite a bit of corn left out there that they will enjoy eating.

Since they are ruminants, I need to make sure he’s getting a bit of corn along so that his system is used to it.  It’s very important to make sure ruminants don’t have sudden changes to their diet.

In case you can’t tell MJ enjoys the little snack to get him ready.  I also went and shut all the gates to the cornfield.

I also got the cattle shed ready by closing off the part where their hay is stored.  Hopefully, they won’t decide to eat it before I tell them it’s okay.  That’s part of their winter home below.

Norma Jean was scheduled to be weaned today, but she is still close to her mom.  In a couple of days, Maxine should be home, and then I’ll move them both into their winter home.

Linking to Homestead Barn Hop.  I’m also linking to Macro Monday even though these are more close ups (it’s hard to do a macro with MJ because of his size).  Hope that’s okay.