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Orange Nurture Photography

19 Oct


We’re well into fall here.  My oak trees usually don’t have much for color, but I did manage to capture them in the evening sunlight, which made them look orange.

I’ve started thinking about feeding animals through the winter.  Can you see what’s up by the cattle shed?

The boys picked me up a round bale feeder. This should keep the cattle from wasting hay this winter.

This one is actually a bull feeder.  MJ might not be a bull, but he is a strong ox.

He shouldn’t get stuck in this the way he did the stack feeder.  While I was checking out the new feeder, I couldn’t help but notice the milk weed pods that were opening and spreading their seeds.

Then I looked at them from the other side.

I haven’t had much time to take pictures this week between parent-teacher conferences 😦 and rain. 🙂  I’m glad I had this one evening to capture the warm golden light.

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