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Out to Pasture

18 Oct

Right now the goats spend as much time as they possibly can in the pasture eating green stuff.  It’s kind of fun to see the herd mentality at work.  Someone, in this case Scarlet, stands staring out to pasture.


Then someone else notices and joins her and actually goes into the lane.

When Scarlet’s kids, Cookie and Casey, join her, she’s off down the lane as well.

Cookie and Casey

We have big ones and little ones start gathering by the gate.

Lotus and Bud

Stormy watches from the barn door.


Eventually, she joins the herd.


Someone else takes her place peeking out the door to see what’s going on.


Soon we have most of the herd gathered by the gate.

Then they are off to pasture.

Soon I’ll have to start feeding them hay, so they are enjoying every bit of pasture while they still can.

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