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13 Oct

The girls in the chicken coop are in various stages of the molting process.

roosting in the rafters

It’s perfectly normal, but they do look horrible while they are changing out the old feathers for new ones.

As our weather gets cooler, they’re going to need to hurry up and finish getting their new feathers in.

As the feathers start growing in, they are covered in a plastic-like sheath that the chicken will pull off to reveal the new feather.  I personally think it looks kind of painful.

Of course, while they are putting their energy into molting, they are not laying eggs.  I’m only getting a couple of eggs each day now.  I’m hoping they will pick up production a bit, but the days are getting shorter, and that also cuts down on their production.

Then there’s Dora the Explorer Rooster, who has a big bare patch, not from molting, but from letting the girls pull his feathers out.  It’s just in that one spot, and he lets them all do it.

Dora the Explorer Rooster and his hen

Weird guy.

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