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How Did October Get Here So Soon?

2 Oct

There’s many beautiful colors around right now, and I’ve been taking pictures of them.  I was so into it, that I forgot about my First of the Month post.  Today, you get to see my back yard.  No great splashes of brilliant colors here.

My oak trees just don’t get those bright colors that many other types of trees display.

The plum tree has almost lost all of its leaves already.

The grass is as green as its been all summer, and it actually needs mowed. Might have to think about that eventually.

I still haven’t figured out why they would have planted the apple tree so close to the oak tree.  It certainly does make it hard on the poor thing.  The oak tree it’s growing beneath actually does have a few leaves turning.

I can see the corn has all turned and is just waiting to be harvested.  That should be pretty soon.

My garden has been largely forgotten.  There are a few ripe tomatoes.

I have quite a few green tomatoes.  This plant has been touched by our earlier frost, and it will likely be killed by frost by the weekend.

Finally, as we head back towards the house, I can see where the wind has scattered mallow seeds.  With the lack of mowing, they’ve actually gotten big enough to blossom.

They are about the last splash of flower color I’ll see this year.

I’ll have to share more of those great fall colors tomorrow.

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