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Flying South

31 Aug

I was out with my nephew while he was baling hay, and I noticed these geese.  Yes, they were flying south.

When I saw the picture, I was so surprised to see how much like fall this picture feels.  Truly I hope the cooler weather is on its way.

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The Buffer Strip

30 Aug

While I was out and about last night, I noticed the blue moon.

the blue moon (almost)

Okay, it was a night early, but it’s nearly full.

Behind this fence lies my cornfield.

Between the fence and the corn is a buffer strip.

Often people have a buffer strip to help control erosion.  My buffer strip is more because I have trees along some parts of the fence, and the crops aren’t going to grow well under trees.  Also, crops are usually planted right up to the fence.

My animals would be able to eat about the first two rows if we planted it that close to the fence along the Back Forty.

Mmmmm. Yummy corn.

The other day, I noticed the alfalfa had grown and was just about to blossom.  I let my nephew know that it was about ready to be made into hay.

When I came home yesterday, this is what I saw.

It had been mown!

Soon is will be raked and baled and put in the barn.

It makes me that much closer to being ready for winter.

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Open for Business

29 Aug

I’ve spent a lot of time recently re-doing my on-line market. Along with posting my 2013 calendar, I’ve added my new soaps, Choconut Almond Delight and Cornmeal Scrubbing (with lemongrass oil).  I also added the gift boxed soaps.  I’ve started making Christmas boxes, and I hope to have those added soon.

I really like the way the stripes turned out at the corners.

With the success we’ve had at the farmer’s market the last two weeks, I’ve spent this past weekend making soap.  I had to make more calendula.

I also made more calendula and honey.  People seem to be discovering its wonderful healing properties.

I had one lady buy some for their mother’s feet.  She had been using the Gold Bond that’s supposed to be the best, but it didn’t help.  She could immediately see how much the calendula and honey goat’s milk soap helped.  I love hearing stories like this.

Hmmm… I wonder.  Do you think I could make a model of Stonehenge out of soap?

I still need to make more lilac and energizing.  I guess it’s good because it means I’m actually selling them!  Since we’re going to continue going to the farmer’s market, my dad made me this cool display box for taking the soaps to the market.

He’s great at figuring out how to make all these things I ask him about.

His design included a lid for the box.  The ledge the lid sits on doubles as a handle.

What’s so wonderful about it is the stackable feature.  I can stack the boxes of soap and not worry about them sliding off or smashing the soaps below.

My dad is awesome!

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