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July is Gone

31 Jul

I can’t believe we’re at the end of July.  That means it’s time for First of the Month hosted by Jan at Murrieta 365.  This year I decided to follow my backyard through the months.  Well, you certainly get to see the effects of the drought.

The poor lawn is mostly brown with just a few weeds poking up.  I don’t know the last time I actually mowed.  Luckily my fruit trees seem to be doing well.  There are still a few brave peaches clinging to the upper branches where I couldn’t reach.

The apples are hanging in there. There are actually a lot that have fallen already, but there’s still plenty on the tree.

They are even starting to turn red.

My poor garden is actually going to produce something.  Tomatoes are turning red!

Even the volunteer plants are starting to get some little tomatoes on them.  Of course, the rain we got also means I need to go pull weeds again.

I even have a couple of peppers about ready to pick.

The one kind of tree I am concerned with is my big oak trees.  They are losing leaves.  It’s way too early for that.

While there aren’t many flowers blooming right now, the surprise lilies are making their appearance!

I’m not sure I’m really ready to say hello to August yet.  Stella says she’s just ready for cooler weather.

How about you?

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