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A Quick Update

27 Jul

Victoria’s eye didn’t improve.  The infection in the eyelid cleared up, but the white stayed, so the vet came and looked at her again.  Sometime in there, she managed to scratch the eyeball, so she went to the clinic for a surgery today.  They pulled the third eyelid over the eyeball so that it would cover and protect the eye.  Hopefully this will allow it to heal.  It’s unlikely she’ll have very good if any sight in the eye, but hopefully it won’t rupture and she’ll be fine with vision in only one eye.

She looks like she’s dressed for a far off Broadway play where she stars as the Purple Pirate.

No matter if she feels well or not, she still has a kid to take care of too.

She’s such a sweet girl.


In related vet visit news, Myson is no longer carrying any dead weight.

After almost six weeks since being banded, the vet finally had to finish removing his testicles.  I don’t think they were ever planning on falling off.

After just a couple of hours, you could tell how much better he felt.  Poor boy.  I hope he thinks it was worth a lifetime of staying here on the farm.

In the good news category, the geese are enjoying a bunch of dog food.  Really, it’s a favorite treat.

The older two goslings are beginning to get their feathers, and they are starting to look a bit funny.  Of course all down at their size was starting to look funny too.

Finally, the cows have settled into a routine of coming up in the evening to drink and then heading back to pasture as the temperatures start to cool down.

Back to my boring old fences.  This is the only stretch of my pasture that we haven’t replaced the fence.

In other good news, we have a chance for more rain tomorrow, and we’re hoping we get a good inch or so.

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