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23 Jul

It seems like my entire day right now is spent making sure everyone has plenty to drink.  That’s not easy since we’re in a four day stretch of temperatures above 100* F.  The cattle and llama came up from pasture this morning.  They usually do.

Maxine, Norma Jean, Djali and MJ

Today, however, they decided it was just too hot to go back out and stand under the shade trees.  They’re staying in the barn, close enough to get that twenty gallons at a time drink several times during the day.

Really, the tank is constantly pouring in water, and it can’t keep up with MJ drinking.

Seriously, I scrubbed that tank two weeks ago.

Maxine is very sweet about waiting for her turn and gives his ear a good washing while he’s drinking.

The llama tends to be something of a cranky guy and doesn’t share well.

Luckily, little buck decided not to get any closer, so he didn’t get spit on.

The goats prefer the tubs and buckets because they stay a bit cleaner.

I sometimes think they dump the buckets just to make me get them fresh water.


An hour after filling it, that tub is half gone, and it’s time to fill it back up.


Then there’s Tim.  He’s the last of my bottle kids still here.  He’s been drinking from the bottle several times a day yet.


The chickens and peafowl have poultry waterers.

I also have one set out for the little goslings.  Yes, we have more goslings hatching.

In this horrible heat, the goats and geese have called a truce and are willing to share the shade.

This is the one I truly worry about.  She has plenty of water and I did cut her fur off, but she won’t come in the house to cool down.  Poor girl.


Once I’ve finished making sure everyone else has plenty to drink, it’s time for me to sit down and relax with a glass of our homemade wine.

Tomorrow, I’ll start all over filling up those tubs and buckets.

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