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The Other Kids

16 Jul

I told you yesterday what the destiny of most of the kids will be.  Today I’ll share the other kids.  There are three that will be different because they get to stay here.  First is Maisie.

Last year I promised her maa, Pam, that she could keep a daughter.  It just didn’t work out.

Pam                                 and                              Maisie

This year she gets to keep Maisie.

Then there’s Myson.  Millie gifted him to me to raise as a bottle kid.  It would just be rude to re-gift or, heaven forbid, sell him.

Millie and Myson

Early on, it became routine to hear “Myson is so cute~darn that Millie!”

Or “Isn’t Myson sweet~darn that Millie!”  Yep, I gave up the idea that he was leaving the farm early on.  After all, I needed another wether, didn’t I?

Then there’s Tim, my little black and white kid.  He started out at a tiny three pounds and six ounces.  He was weak and skinny and obviously didn’t get what he needed for nutrition before he was born.  That’s him in a shoe box by the computer.  He was tiny!

It’s a miracle he lived.

As he’s grown, it’s become obvious that he’s a special goat.  I’m sure it’s due to the lack of everything he needed to develop properly.

He walks like a drunken sailor.

He has cognitive deficits as well.  He does a lot of things because he follows and imitates the other goats.  He’ll chew on grass or weeds.  It is unusual if he actually eats them.  He’s just copying what they do.

He has discovered that he likes the sweet goat feed, which is good.  He’s also discovered the water bucket, and he’ll drink and drink and drink.  Then he won’t take his bottle.  That means I have to make sure to give him his bottle before I put clean water out.

Despite all of his challenges, he really is sweet though. He’s truly special, and my mother did the unthinkable.  She fell in love with him.

That means this special little goat will get to live here forever, however long that might be for him.

After all, can you ever have too many wethers?

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