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The Garden and a Tomato Hornworm

13 Jul

I have been trying to get my garden in order.  There’s not much planted, but I’d still like something to harvest.  I have been watering the beans each evening.

It seems to be paying off since I am getting lots of blossoms.

I weeded the tomatoes yesterday.

Look what I found.  It’s a tomato hornworm.

I don’t have much use for them.  They’re okay for pictures and all, but I am still not a fan of them.

They get large, and they they do that is by eating lovely tomato plants.

I don’t want my tomato plants eaten because I want the tomatoes on it to turn red and have lots more grow and get ripe.

How do I deal with those pesky tomato hornworms?  (Sorry for the photo quality.  I forgot to switch from the sedentary macro setting to the action setting before entering the pen.)

It certainly makes the chickens happy!  They go into a kind of frenzied fight over the thing.

Sorry to say, but yes, the hornworm was killed.

Okay, I’m not really sorry, and the chicken appreciated the snack. 🙂  They only wish I had brought more of them with me.

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