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Ticked Off

3 Jul

Be warned, this is another complaint about the lack of winter.  This one is about ticks.

Usually, I don’t think too much about ticks.  I might even associate the word with Brad Paisley and his hit song as opposed to really visualizing the little blood sucking parasite. This year however, it is a daily thing that I have to deal with.  They are everywhere!

By that I mean every single day I am picking ticks off of me.  Usually I rarely find them on me or the animals.

I am picking so many ticks off the goats I can’t even count them each day.

The cats and dogs are the only ones that don’t seem to be having a problem with the ticks.


They do fine with their lovely chemical warfare.

I’m about ready to be the human test subject to see if these products would help me out. The vets gave me durasect to pour them with, but it isn’t labeled for ticks.  It does cover all those other nasty summer parasites that are around in abundance this year too~biting flies, lice, fleas, and mites.  Anybody have any great ways to keep ticks off of me and the goats that doesn’t include lots of chemicals?  I’d even consider the dogs and cats too.

Really, I’m ready for snow.

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