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Backyard on the First

2 Jul

I realize I’m a day late, but the yard looks the same as it did yesterday.  The backyard has to have a garden update.  That makes me chuckle.  Sometime in the middle of the kidding fiasco this year was, I gave up on the idea of a garden.  I tried.  I planted a couple of rows of green beans and one row of half tomatoes and half bell peppers.  After ignoring it for about three weeks in the midst of a drought, I figured there was nothing to check out.  Look!

The beans are growing.  My mom was kind enough to weed around the plants.

I also had six pepper plants survive.

There are five tomato plants also hanging in there.  They even have blossoms and a little tomato!

Then I started weeding all the button weeds and discovered quite a few volunteer tomatoes.  I guess I sort of have a garden. 🙂

The fruit trees are mixed.  I have apples that look really good.  The peaches started looking great, but they haven’t done much with not enough rain.  That whole neglecting the plants carried over to the fruit trees, and they didn’t get watered.  I have a few plums that look good, but not many.

apple, peaches, and plum

We had about a half an inch of rain last week, and I hope that’s enough to help the peaches finish ripening.

The yard itself hasn’t been mown in about a month.  It doesn’t grow without water.  Well, there are a couple of weeds.

It’s crunchy to walk across the yard or just sit there and wish for rain.

For some reason, it’s become a common sight to see some extra critters in the yard.  I’ve been letting the bottle kids and Millie into the yard to eat green stuff.

Millie Ann Saanen

She seems to be enjoying it.

Linking to First of the Month, Mosaic Monday, and You Capture, where this week’s topic is feet.  I’m not big on feet pictures, so sorry for the poor offering here.