Sunday Housekeeping and Giveaway

It seems that there are times we need to do those necessary items that just help a house run smoothly~the cleaning and putting away and straightening up.  Well, today is my blog version of that necessary housekeeping.

Marigold and her Goatmother

When I first started looking at blogs and thinking of starting my own, I went in search of goat blogs. It amazed me to find that there was actually a goat who blogged!  I believe the first goat blog I found was Marigold, the peanut loving philosopher goat.  I just love her fairy tales that have been reworked from a goat’s point of view.  Recently, Marigold shared that her Goatmother has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It’s amazing how positively she and the entire family have entered into this unwanted challenge.

Marigold, Goat Philosopher

To show how much support she has, some of us goat-loving bloggers have created a button featuring Marigold and her vow to help the Goatmother “Butt the Hay Out of Cancer.”  Feel free to grab the code and help spread the word.

The Sisterhood of the Goat

As I’ve been blogging more and more, I’ve found some wonderful friends through blogging and Facebook.  I’m always excited to find another blogger on Facebook.  Sometimes when I post here, I almost forget that not everyone gets my up-to-the-minute updates on Facebook. One such wonderful blog/Facebook friend has become the herd queen to this goat-loving herd of bloggers~Mimi Foxmorton and her borrowed goat, Darla.  If you haven’t checked out her blog, The Goat Borrower, you really should.

Her story was recently featured by Purina in their newsletter, and she’s suddenly gotten requests from people wanting to join the Sisterhood.  Now you can!  The Sisterhood of the Goat can be found on Facebook as a public page to share pictures and stories and love and tears with other goat loving people.  There’s also a link in my sidebar for this page.

Giveaway for Shameless Self-Promotion

Finally, my very creative mother (she drew Marigold for the button) has started using my birds’ feathers to make earrings. I have chickens, ducks, geese, and peacocks.  She’s even been using some of my sister’s guinea and turkey feathers.

We have a few for sale in my on-line market, and she’s busy making more.  To celebrate a new item for sale from Eden Hills, she graciously said I could do a giveaway.  I chose the earrings with the peacock’s tail feather.  It will be like the ones pictured below.

Just leave a comment on this post and let me know you’d like to win, and you will be entered.  You can comment without an e-mail address, but you’ll have to give me some way to contact you.  The winner will be drawn next Sunday at 9:00 pm, and the winner will be announced the next day.

Well, now that my housekeeping is done, I think it’s time to sit back and enjoy life.

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