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Some Updates

3 May

I just wanted to give you updates on a few critters I’ve been talking about.  First, I want to show you how my little bovine family is doing.  When I walked over the hill, I saw MJ with little Norma Jean.

Norma Jean and MJ

Mom wasn’t too far away, but you can see that the little girl is comfortable with both of the big ones, not just her mom.

Maxine, Norma Jean and MJ

Of course, Maxine is an amazing mom.

Maxine and Norma Jean

She’s getting to be a big strong girl.

Norma Jean

My peacock is still dancing and showing off for the girls, but I’ve actually found one or two eggs from the hens now.

The Canada geese have continued exploring.  They’ve actually come up close to the barnyard.

They still have a fence between them and all the domestic critters, but hopefully they are getting more comfortable with me being around.

Finally, my next round of goats are due to have kids on May 12th.  Muffin looks ready to give birth today.


Helen is getting big.


Then there are the two young ladies that I’m not sure if they are due the 12th or in June.  I’m getting pretty sure that Bonnie is due.  You can’t see in this picture, but she is making quite an udder.


Clover I’m just not sure.  She’s my young one that I’m concerned about.  I’ve already seen goo on her, but I really don’t know.  My gut instinct is that she will also have her kid in this round.


I hope everyone has their kids without problems.

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