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Wild Women

25 Apr

When I let them out of the barn, Maxine and Norma Jean went down the lane to get out to pasture.  At the end of the lane were some of the geese.

The geese tend to get a little bit naughty.  In fact they have no fear of anyone and will hiss and attack me or the goats or even the cows.  Those two are getting all hissy with her.

Maxine was not about to put up with that.

She went all wild woman on them and showed them they better not mess with her baby!  You better run geese.  Here she comes!

I wouldn’t want that mama mad at me!  She certainly does take good care of her baby.

I think Norma Jean may have gotten a bit of her mom’s wild streak.  She was really enjoying her freedom from the barn.

These are my wild women!

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