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Family Reunion

22 Apr

I had been telling MJ that as soon as Norma Jean, Maxine’s baby, could figure out nursing, I’d let them back out to pasture.  He’s been pretty pathetic, and I hate when my big boy is sad and lonely.  This morning, he came to hang out in the lane and remind me that I said they would be with him again soon.


Norma Jean looked cozy in the barn,

Norma Jean

but Maxine has been going stir crazy cooped up in that small pen.


Norma Jean is doing quite well at nursing both front teats, and she is nursing a little from the back two.  As she gets bigger, she’ll keep them all nursed down.

I opened the gate, and Maxine was quick to make her exit from that pen.

Norma Jean seemed to find it to be a grand adventure!

Maxine knew exactly where she was headed~out of the barn.

Ah, fresh air and blue sky is wonderful after being shut in for several days.

Here comes Norma Jean again!  She’s not about to get too far from her mom.

All she has to do now is go around the panel she’s looking over, and then she’ll be home free~back in the pasture.

Somebody is getting a little wild with her freedom!

Finally in the lane and away from that pen and hay.  (Looks like I need to do some cleaning in that lane.)

Look at MJ laying in the pasture completely unaware that they are coming!

Finally the whole family is together again!  I think MJ likes that Norma Jean looks like him.

Maxine is so happy to see MJ that she gives him kisses while Norma Jean is off exploring.

Finally my big boy is not lonely and Maxine is happy to be out in the pasture with her baby.

What a happy family we have now!  I’m sure there will be more family reunion stories this week.

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