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Rescuing Vixen

18 Apr

As grateful as I am to have the round bales for the goats to eat, I have had reservations about it.  I’ve had to help several girls out of the cattle panel.  Those horns go in much easier than they come out.

Goats naturally want to burrow to the bottom or middle and find the best tasting morsel.


Look at the holes they’ve bored into the hay.

Betty Lou

That works when I open a bale and put hay in the feed tubs, but some goats~






have had a hard time not getting stuck.  Luckily I’ve been able to get them out.

Then I went out on Sunday and found Vixen with her head through the panel.  She couldn’t get it out, and she had a big hole eaten out but tightly packed hay above her.  I couldn’t move her head to get it back out.


Lotus was taking advantage of Vixen being stuck to poke her in the belly with her horns.


Finally, my dad arrived with the saws-all.  I held Vixen’s head and Dad cut one of the bars of the panel.  She was free!


I hope this is the worst we have to deal with before I get to let them out to pasture.

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