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Back Forty Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

17 Apr

I visited the Back Forty today.  It’s always beautiful, but I still have some cleanup to do back there.  When I bought the place, there were several rolls of wire that I would like to get out of there.

After the rain, I wanted to check on the tiling job we did.  This one need to have the intake moved.  It doesn’t catch the water and draw it into the tile.

I’m already getting a new ditch washed, so it has to be fixed very soon.  Either that or we need to turn the swampy area into a pond.

I wanted to make sure I checked on my bovine.

Maxine and MJ

Maxine is getting very close to having her calf.


I also found some other critters that seem to be living back there.  There are two pair of Canada geese.

They were complaining about my presence in their home, but they simply slowly walked away.  They never took off flying.

It will be nice to have a family of Canada geese living back there.

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