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There’s Something about a Thunderstorm

16 Apr

Maybe I’m a little bit too optimistic here, but I think our drought has ended.  We’ve had about three inches of rain since Thursday.  While that isn’t a lot, it really seems to have soaked into the ground quite well.

The goats have been spending most of their time in the barns.  I did discover I need new steps for the boys because the two step plastic step stool that I had out there broke.  I had to lift Fionn into the building twice in the middle of the rain and thunder and lightening.  Really.


Also in the midst of rain and thunder and lightening, the geese decided that was the time to go play in water puddles.  Unfortunately, I’ve been remiss about reattaching the chicken wire to the big red gate and they’ve been spending a lot of time in the driveway.

The puddles that they decided to play in were IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!  I was back out there and chewing them out.  Luckily they know when they see me and hear, “Get your goose tails back where they belong!”  they move as quickly as they can to get back through the gate.

Of course the second time I put Fionn in, I had one goose out again, so I had to reinforce my hobbling job.  The night of the worst storms, I was very lucky that they stayed to the south of us.

There were tornadoes in the southern part of the state, but we didn’t have any damage.  I am so grateful.  In the high wind warnings from last night, this quonsit hut was flipped over by the winds.  I hope Fionn wasn’t in it at the time.

Boeris by the hut

Ironically, the other quonsit hut was on its top, but now its standing back upright.  I hope they don’t sprout wings and take off flying as much as they’ve been thrown around.

It seems like there’s just something about thunderstorms that ends up with me outside in the middle of it.