A Lazy Day

We’re finally getting some spring showers.  This rainy weather has me feeling lazy.  Instead of working outside or cleaning house, I’ve spent the entire day putting my family tree on Ancestry.com.  It’s going to take me a long time with the thousands of names I have.  It will take way longer than our spring showers I think.

Of course, there are a few things I have to do no matter what the weather is like.  My two bottle kids want fed.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you know my Millie goat gifted me one of her babies, Myson.  I’m also giving Pam’s kid, Maisie, supplemental bottles.


Whenever they hear me, they come on the run.  This is also why you hardly ever see them.  They are constantly bouncing on me and trying to find a bottle.


With the threat of severe storms, I also took pity on the llama and let him back into the barnyard on Thursday evening.

Djali Llama

He’s enjoying the round bale again, but he did want out this afternoon.  I’ll wait until the severe storms are past tonight.  I also got all of my boys put together~Marley, Boeris and the little buck, Fionn.  Now they all have a good shelter to get into.

Marley and Boeris

Surprisingly, when Boeris would start to push and fight with Fionn, Marley would step in and protect his kid.  I was really surprised that a buck would have that protective instinct for a year old kid.

You can see we brought in the second round bale.

This side of the bale (below) was on the ground and drew moisture, so they didn’t want to eat it.  I spent a bit of time after doing chores pulling the icky hay out.  Again even if I’m feeling lazy, I have to feed the animals.

Now they are enjoying it too.  I had thought about taking Casey and Cookie to the sale barn today.


I really do need to sell them.  I hadn’t planned on keeping them, but I never got them down there, and now I’m kind of used to them.


The threat of severe storms was all it took to convince me to postpone that trip.  Maybe next weekend, unless I can find another excuse.

Well, I think I’m going to finish my lazy day with more genealogy.  No, wait.  I’ll be holding the dog’s paw all night because of the thunder.  Hope you all have a chance to do something you enjoy this weekend.

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