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The Round Bale/Fence Update

5 Apr

We put a round bale of hay out for the goats last week.  They really were enjoying it, but it was getting hard for them to reach the hay.


There was just a little bit around the bottom, but they didn’t want to eat it.  Despite what people think about goats eating anything, they really are finicky eaters.


Reaching through has left their faces and horns are all black from rubbing against the panels.


Tonight my son helped me tighten the cattle panel around the remains of the bale.

We went from using two cattle panels to one.  When we started, the bale reached all the way out to the post.


We’ve had a couple of goats get their heads stuck.  That’s my fault for not making these adjustments sooner, but that’s what happens when I’m sick.

Do you see all that green back there?  That’s my pasture.  That’s what I wish the goats were eating~lush green grass.

But they are eating round bales.  I only have enough to feed them for about another month.

Before we can let the goats out there to eat all that green grass, the fence on my southern border needs to look like this (imagine the green grass).

That means we need to start seeing scenes like this around my farm.

I’m thankful that I have these round bales to feed the goats, but it makes me nervous when I have something that has to be done, and I can’t do it myself.  I don’t know what I’ll do if they don’t follow through.

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