What’s Blooming in the Back Yard

It’s amazing how quickly we went from a dry brown barren wasteland of a pseudo-winter to lush green.  The yard has already been mown once.  It’s unheard of to mow in March in my neck of the world, but it’s about to need it again.

The warm weather has brought my fruit trees to life.  Many have already blossomed and are starting to get their leaves.  Right now, the plum tree is in full bloom.

The weird weather of the last two years has been hard on the tree, but it looks like it’s starting to recover.  Its heavy scent fills the yard.

The apple tree is a bit behind, but it will be beautiful in just a short time.

The crabapple is also starting to blossom.

My flowering almond bushes are also blooming right now.  I have both pink and white.

My tulips are blooming as well.

Even the bleeding heart has its pretty delicate flowers.

It’s kind of strange to see about two months worth of flowers all blooming at the same time, but it does make for plenty of beauty in the back yard.

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Some Friday Thoughts

I wanted to show you a couple of examples of how warm our winter really was.  I had several plants I had good intentions of planting last year that never got put in the ground.  Well, they sat on the deck with no covering. Here’s a raspberry.  It’s alive!

I also have a blueberry bush that survived.

I can’t believe they made it through the winter.  Maybe even more remarkable is the mallow.  Where I live, it is an annual.  It reseeds itself, but the individual plants die off, but not this year.

I have several that are actually starting to grow up from the root.  We’re still unusually warm, but we thankfully got a bit of rain yesterday.  My pasture has turned bright green.

Hopefully, we’ll continue to get more rains to replenish our soil moisture.

Hope you have a great weekend, and to help you out with that, here’s my beautiful Bonnie.


Isn’t she pretty?

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Pam is such a nervous mom that after she had her kid I had to separate her from Bambi.  I had to separate her from all the other goats, so I put her in the Love Shack.

Pam and Maisie

The only problem is that her little girl, Maisie, flits about like a little bird.  She just hops through the fence like it isn’t even there.

This truly does not make her maa happy.

Maisie has been exploring all over the barnyard.

Luckily, the other goats have been very nice to her.

Maisie meeting Harley

Several times each day, I return her to Pam.

Pam is very appreciative.

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