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Our Snow Storm

4 Feb

The weatherman was finally predicting that we would be getting a snowstorm.  They estimated anywhere up to ten inches for central Iowa depending on how the system tracked.  Well, this made me a bit nervous.  If you remember I bought a snow plow, but it was sitting useless in my driveway.  We finally ordered a different bracket to put on the Ranger, but I wasn’t sure it was going to get here in time for this storm.

Thursday night the boy and nephew came to pick the plow up out of my driveway.  Yeah!  It worked like a charm.  These are the hydraulic workings  (I’m not technical at all).

They had to take it in to the shop and finish hooking things up and adjusting stuff.  That’s the “winter windshield” Jeremy is wearing.

Last night as it was somewhat misting, I brought the Ranger out ready to plow my driveway after our snow.  I was actually getting excited for snow and playing with my new toy piece of equipment.

I got up in the morning, and it was still more rainy than snowy.

Soon it changed over and the snow really began coming down.

I was looking forward to four or five inches that would be just perfect to learn how to plow.  The goats were all hiding in the barn and buildings.

Litha May Street

Oops, Coral and Clover were huddled outside.  I took pity on them and brought them back to the main barnyard where they could be with their maa and have better shelter.  I think Pistol was happy to see her kids too.

Coral Blackboer and Pistol Osboer

By the time I went to put my mail in the mailbox, the heavy wet snow was starting to stick.

The snowplow was just sitting there waiting for those inches to accumulate!

Well, by this afternoon you can see how much snow was on the hills in my pasture.

It stopped early enough in the day for Coral and Clover to enjoy some hay outside.  I’ll probably put them back on the other side tomorrow so they don’t try sleeping outside in the wet weather tonight. (That’s their maa, Pistol, in the background.)

Coral and Clover Blackboer

So much for getting to try out the Ranger and it’s snow plow.

Just thirty miles southwest they did have four inches, and a bit farther to the west they had seven or more inches.  Guess it just wasn’t my turn to play have to remove snow.

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